If you are looking for a platform supporting company growth, HubSpot can help

HubSpot is complex software for supporting sales and marketing activities, including customer service. It is meant for small to medium-sized enterprises or start-ups. Its motor is so-called inbound marketing, which focuses on gaining customers and caring for them.


What is HubSpot?

The components contained by HubSpot completely handle the activities of probably every existing company. Basically, every company needs customers, needs to sell their services or products to these customers, and furthermore, needs to care for these customers. HubSpot connects all these activities into one software solution that brings advantages to both your company and to the customers themselves. There is numerous software available on the internet that deals with these issues; HubSpot, however, is probably the only one offering all functions and mainly, is easily serviceable. It also contains artificial intelligence and machine learning, which makes work easier and provides a better user experience.

  • CRM: is free of charge and contains all that you need for the easy administration of customers and customer relations. Also contains Web Live Chat, a client meeting organiser, e-mail marketing, etc.
  • Marketing Hub: This marketing software helps you increase site traffic. It can manage campaigns, marketing automatizations, reporting, etc.
  • Sales Hub: with this software, you will save time while selling your products and you can have deeper commercial insight into the operations of your company and the sales of services. Common routines are automated, allowing you to conclude more sales in a shorter time period.
  • Service Hub: This customer service software will help you maintain better relations with your customers and convert them into promoters. Functions for questionnaires, tickets, knowledge base, and more.
  • Hubspot CMS: An editing system that is optimised for generating customers. The personalisation of content based on user behaviour will increase the conversion rate of customers and increase your sales. The system is also easily adaptable for gaining unique insight into your website and continuous optimisation.


Hubspot CRM

The CRM by HubSpot is a versatile tool for managing customer relations. The software environment is well-arranged and user-friendly. Routine activities can be automated, and all you must do is the work that is worthy of humans :-) the CRM itself, without additional modules, is FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Centrally stored data – to have information about your customers and sales in various places is hard to manage. The CRM provides complete information in one place.
  • Communication channels – all communication with your customer is controlled from one place. FB messenger, WhatsApp, telephone calls, e-mails,...
  • Links to ERP or other systems – the CRM has its own robust HubSpot API, thanks to which you can link it to other systems … ERP, SalesForce, and hundreds of other applications.
  • Sustainable growth – you could probably manage and maintain communications with ten customers, but what if there are 1,000 or 5,000 of them? HubSpot CRM allows you to manage many customers, never slowing you down.
  • Selection of other CRM features – automated appointment arrangement, sending newsletters, templates of offers and documents, e-mail tracking, links to Outlook/Gmail, and more.


Marketing without Compromises

HubSpot Marketing Hub has a whole range of strong tools that allow you to increase site traffic in a smart way. With these tools, you can quite precisely target those segments of users that are most likely to become your customers. You will thus receive more offers, purchases, and sales opportunities. Just like many other aspects of HubSpot, many of these processes can be automated. You will thus more easily make customers out of your users.

  • Automatization – based on the users’ interaction with your website, advertisement campaigns, telephone calls, and other activities, the system will then carry out further activities.
  • Social media – you can manage posts on social media directly in HubSpot. Again, everything can be automated, and other marketing activities can be optimised based on user activity. Includes social media monitoring.
  • Advertisement campaigns – you can manage them using the data on your visitors or customers. That includes both consumer and user behaviour. Google or Facebook campaigns have never been clearer.
  • Link to CRM – all activities and gained data are then clearly stored in your client database.
  • Personalisation – launch campaigns and show various content based on the information about your website visitors.


Sales Support

HubSpot Sales Hub seamlessly continues in the functions of Marketing Hub. The greatest challenges that one faces in the sales process is the quality and quantity of potential customers. Sales Hub is conceived so that you can gain the maximum from your visitors easily. You will then see your sales performance in clear reports, which allow you to pinpoint weak points that can be improved

  • Automatization can save you time and allow you to dedicate it only to the most significant phases of the sales process. This is enabled by individual automated e-mails and sequences, or, for example, lead scoring.
  • Links to CRM – all sales activities are displayed by your contacts and companies, including automatically transcribed telephone calls. In the CRM, you will also see the sales performance based on your client database.
  • Pipeline Management – every sales process has its phases. Thanks to PM, you can easily optimise and monitor the entire sales process.
  • Detailed reporting – With the help of an advanced machine learning, you can continuously and automatically test and optimise finances and performance. No manual settings or measurements are necessary.
  • CPQ – Intelligently created sales offers based on your competition and other dynamic parameters.
  • Links and other functions – This is not everything that Sales Hub is able to do. You can easily link it to hundreds of other applications.


Customer Service

HubSpot Service Hub allows you to remain in contact with your customers and to care for them. Today’s customers are more demanding than ever, they require communication that is contextual and human. In B2B, and also in B2C, connecting with the consumer will eventually ensure greater sales and a happy customer. Therefore, you need a tool that will help you organise communication with customers.

  • In HubSpot, communication channels are combined into a group that you define according to the type of service or product or according to your internal organisation. You will easily save the communication history across all channels, including FB messenger, WhatsApp, telephone calls, etc.
  • Knowledge base – quite often, customers first search for answers to their questions on the internet. HubSpot Knowledge Base is a perfectly structured database of articles, questions, and answers. Customers will easily find what they are looking for, and your communication will be easier.
  • Feedback - Service Hub has integrated tools for getting feedback from customers, thanks to which you can continue to improve your services.
  • Ticket system – tickets, otherwise known as requests, are a super system for responding to and communicating with your customers. You will always have an overview and will take care of your customer’s requests more quickly with the HubSpot ticket system.


Hubspot CMS

The editing system of HubSpot for creating websites brings advantages primarily thanks to its links to the other HubSpot services. It is flexible in terms of marketing, and it can be adapted to any request. Editing content is carried out directly on the site using the Drag & Drop system. HubSpot CMS is focused primarily on marketing and will help you sell on the internet more easily and rapidly.

  • DXP Platform – the most fundamental difference between other editing systems, such as Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla, is its links with the sales and marketing tools of HubSpot. You can display various content (images, forms, texts,…) based on what you know about the visitor. Why tell your customer to register if they are already registered? Is it not better to show information about a service they have yet to purchase?
  • SEO – Optimisation for search engines - HubSpot CMS is fundamentally built to be as attractive as possible for search engines. It contains tools that will help you climb the ranks of search engines.
  • A/B testing – are you not sure what photograph or text will work best in your conversion funnel? With integrated A/B testing, you will easily find answers to everything. Artificial intelligence will help you with A/B testing, making the entire process automated.
  • Content Attribution System – with this tool, you will gain a complex overview of the performance of all parts of your activities (web content, campaigns,…) in terms of gaining contact and closing sales directly in the CRM.
  • Managing rights – you can set rights for your employees and contract workers to separate parts of the web with high precision, based on requisites such as department, team, location, etc.


Integration with other systems

We have extensive development experience with Hubspot and we are able to connect it with other applications (e-shops, ERP systems, etc.).

Hubspot is great, for example, for the e-commerce segment, where you can then use, for example, marketing automation.
Integration with Upgates.



Since 2006, HubSpot has been evolving and new functions are added every month. In this article, we have only described basic information so that you can get an idea of what HubSpot can do.

In case of interest, we will gladly demonstrate HubSpot in more detail, and we will show you how it can help you.