Websites and e-shops, from the simplest to the most complex solution

Creation, in itself, consists of more activities than just the website design, the creation of its contents, and putting it on the internet. We closely focus on all steps since this is the verified way of achieving results that everybody will be satisfied with. The following five phases describe the work procedure.


Measure Twice

Whatever you do, do not hurry your website or e-shop. First, it is necessary to think all things through carefully. Then, everything will be much easier, and your results will be guaranteed.

  • We carefully revise your needs and objectives.
  • We will understand your business and your internal company processes.


Strategy and Analysis

Once we know what type of company you are, what services you offer, and how you provide your services or products, we can begin to design specific solutions.


  • Analysis of the competition – we will study your competition, how successful it is in search engines, and what their strategy is.
  • Analysis of keywords – we will carry out a thorough analysis of keywords, which will help us create a website that will be seen by search engines (SEO).
  • Analysis of platforms and systems – it is desirable to select the proper technical solutions for various scenarios, ones that will meet the needs of your business. Will a simple, static website be enough, or do you need an editing system? If you have grand objectives, a DXP platform would probably be most suitable, which can be better adapted to user behaviour. The same applies to e-shops, whether a simple template will do for beginners or if you desire more from your e-shop (links to the CRM, ERP, etc.).
  • Audit of the current website – if you already have a website, the best is to use it for collecting data, learning from your mistakes, and to decide whether to rather keep what is working or improve it.


  • Target group – one of the first steps that leads to success is creating a target group. Your services or product are obviously not meant for everyone, and so it pays off to offer your service or product only to those who will eventually purchase them. We define and create a strategy how to get these potential customers to visit your web.
  • Customer journey – in an ideal world, a visitor would see your website, fill up their cart and order the products or book your services. However, it is not that simple. The visitor comes to your website in various phases of their process. We will prepare a customer journey for your business with all points and customer interactions, so that we can be sure that your website / e-shop will be the correct solution for their various phases.
  • Content strategy – obviously, your project will need a content. This depends on your target group and the customer journey. We will suggest a content strategy and marketing so that your customers will find themselves and get what they need from your website. Because only such visitors will end up being your customers.
  • Marketing strategy – we will prepare a marketing strategy for you that will include ways of getting your customer’s attention, what campaigns to run, through what channels we will realise them on, and finally, how to turn a visitor into a satisfied customer.


Web design, content – the user comes first

Web design is not just about colours and pretty pictures. The web design primarily serves the needs of the visitor, so that they will be able to orientate themselves on the site and easily find what they are looking for, and to eventually order without any problems and thus meet their given objective.


  • Text content – we will create a content that both search engines and your visitors will love.
  • Photographs – you have probably already heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. And this is true. If you do not have your own photographs, we will gladly take them for you.
  • Video – we will create a video for your presentation, beginning with writing the script to finally promoting it on the internet.

Web Design

  • Graphic design – usually, our clients first want to know what their site will look like. However, the graphics of it only come into play just before programming, when the texts are ready, the persona of buyers have been created, etc.


Programming and Development

According to the needs of the design project, we will then programme the website.

  • Symfony PHP, Drupal, HubSpot CMS, DXP platforms.
  • Our programmers have extensive experience, and your website / e-shop will run like clockwork.


Launch and Future Developments

One could think that by launching the website, our work is over. However, if you are serious about your website and hope to get as many orders, contacts, etc. as possible from it, then our work has just begun.

  • We will continue to “tune” your website based on visitor behaviour.
  • We will get busy with the marketing.