We will design and create a customised application, tailor-made to the very last detail

We have extensive experience in creating applications that not only look great, but mainly work great. Aside from applications, we are also able to programme e.g., data bridges between the apps that you use or a module that will complement the functions of your application.


Strategy and Marketing Plan

Thoughtless activities in sales support on the internet have yet to benefit anyone. You know how it is, you click the “Promote” button on Facebook, and you are done. After some time, though, you discover that it is not working as well as you thought. It is necessary to have a strategy, an overall view of your business, and to plan every detail carefully.

  • We will design a plan customised to your needs and objectives in terms of your specific business and your customers.
  • Our main objective is to increase site traffic and the number of your customers, that is, increase your profits.
  • Monthly or quarterly, we will give you a clear report of how we are meeting the given objectives.


Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is one of the most important tasks. In principle, you can increase traffic through advertisements, links, or from search engines. In the long-term perspective, search engines are the best source of your website’s traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex issue. To have a high number of keyword hits by search engines, you must take many steps. The most fundamental include:

  • Content – we will create a readable content for visitors that will also be loved by search engines. We will analyse keywords, explore search trends, and will constantly monitor it all and optimise it.
  • Links - Google was the first search engine to include the number and quality of links leading to a given web in its algorithms. This was a fundamental change and advantage over other search engines that have since been lost in the mists of time. The Google algorithm is, of course, complicated, but the links to your web still play a large role. We will create a great and valuable network of links to your web, which shall ensure not only new traffic, but also a good evaluation on part of search engines.
  • Technical SEO – today, search engines no longer follow just the number of keywords on websites. Website evaluations also consider the technical side, e.g., web speed, security certificates, microdata, etc. We will do our best to ensure your website or e-shop meets all criteria to a tee.
  • Signals from social media – another, no less important discipline of SEO is your visibility on social media. Search engines monitor the number of your followers, how often you are mentioned on Facebook, etc. Part of our offer is also considering social media.
  • Consumer behaviour – the algorithms of search engines also take notice of whether one visits your website and then leaves immediately, which is not a good signal. We optimise the user experience on the website so that they remain on it, and so that the website will be understandable and clear.


Advertisement Campaigns

Another way of getting web or e-shop traffic are advertisement campaigns. We create and prepare a marketing strategy across the needed channels; we will create the campaign and will constantly optimise it so that it will have the best performance. We will always keep in mind the returnability of the investments into the advertisements.

  • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media – although some may be sceptical, social media make the world go round. For you, it is a great opportunity to make yourselves seen. We will create and administrate your advertisement campaigns on social media so that they will meet the previously set goals.
  • PPC advertisements on Google and Seznam – we will create functional campaigns on search engines, from keywords analysis to the report that lets you know how your advertisements are doing.
  • Email marketing – one of the most successful and cheapest ways of connecting with customers. We will create e-mails that are tailor-made to your customers, personalised to their known behaviour on your website, to their orders, or to other parameters.
  • Product comparison – if you have an e-shop, comparison websites such as Heureka and Zbozi.cz are an ideal place to have your products listed. We will link your e-shop and set your campaigns so that you make money.
  • Amazon and dropshipping – do you wish to easily expand your potential customer base? We will link your e-shop to Amazon, Alza, Favi, or other e-shops that allow so-called dropshipping. And this is worthwhile, since, for instance, in Germany, 50% of users search for products on Amazon and do not even open Google.
  • Other channels – based on studying your customers, we will find other channels that are available. They could be, for example, PR articles on specialised sites, “topping” on booking.com or Tripadisor.com, etc.


Social Media

Facebook and other social media are great opportunities for addressing new potential customers. They are just as important for brand support and customer retention. We will take care of your social media profiles, all according to a previously defined marketing plan.

  • Which to choose – there is a rather large number of social media. Each is specific both in its options and in the users who use them. For example, Instagram has a larger number of younger users, whereas Facebook is mostly used by people in a productive age. If your business is rather B2C, LinkedIn will probably be your right choice. Upon thorough consideration, we will select the right media for your target group.
  • We will increase brand awareness – Social media are a great way of casually interacting with your company. We will ensure that you will not sink into oblivion and that your users will enjoy your profile. We will create content that piques interest and that increases interaction with your potential and current customers.
  • We develop customer relations – it is good to gain new customers, just as it is bad to lose your current ones. With a suitable content, we will support and strengthen customer relations with your brand. Your customers are your best advertisement.
  • Contests, advertisement campaigns – we will find further creative ways of attracting new customers, to send them to your website, or to merely entertain them.


Converting Visitors into Customers

It is important to have followers on Facebook, to have heavy site traffic, but the most important thing is to convert visitors into customers.

  • Target and target again – the basics are to address those visitors who will probably be your customers, otherwise you are just wasting energy and resources. With the help of marketing tools and a creative approach, we will bring your potential customers to your website or your profile.
  • Site optimisation – before the visitor turns into a customer, they go through various processes. For example, they must find the product in the e-shop, put it into their cart, and fill out the order form. All steps can be improved, so that the so-called conversion rate to customers is as high as possible.
  • Marketing automatization – is a super technological tool allowing you to gently nudge your visitor on the path towards becoming a customer. Each task can be clearly and feasibly automated, thus saving work and time, as well as allowing the visitor’s use of your services to be easier.
  • Personalisation – when you know who has visited your web, you can show them more of what interests them. If your website is visited by a customer that has already subscribed to your newsletter, why offer subscription to them again? Is it not better to show them another offer they have yet to take up on?

We select other activities and technologies at random, which we then use to increase the conversion rate.

  • A/B testing – an excellent tool for testing what your visitor heeds. It is better if the register button is green and not orange, etc.
  • Lead scoring – simply put, we evaluate every visitor from one to ten according to what we know about them. If they get a ten, that means that in all probability, they will purchase your service or product. And how do we do that? For example, if they are your fan on Facebook, subscribe to your newsletter, often visit the price list site, it is rather probable that they are interested in your services. Let us say that we give them a score of seven.


Marketing Tools

What is great about the internet is that everything on it can be measured. So, an infinite number of tools have been invented to help marketers chisel and evaluate their work.

  • Creativity versus numbers – whatever marketing decision we end up making, we always base it on hard data. That is, almost always. We usually start with a hypothesis, that is, with an expert estimate based on our experience and knowledge, and then we carry out testing it. Then we begin to precisely measure it with tools and report the results. We then learn from these results, and again, based on further hypotheses, we improve them. You thus achieve constant growth of your business on the internet that does not remain frozen in one truth.


Sales and Customer Service

Fine, customers are beginning to throng and you are overjoyed. However, we hope that the difficult work with them does not rain on your parade. We will provide tools that will make this work more effective and pleasant.

  • Communication – you are surely aware that people contact you using WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, web chat, telephones, etc. It is hard to open all channels at once and communicate on them. Not to mention that all your communication with customers is scattered willy-nilly. We will group all your communication into one channel, from which you can service it and save everything.
  • Automatization – why should you have to do something that software could do for you? We automate your sales and service processes to the maximum possible degree. Do not let yourselves be controlled by today’s IT world, but control it!
  • Optimisation of sales and service processes – we will check out your company and will recommend improvements to individual phases of the sales process so that you can work better.